NVIDIA announces entry-level GeForce MX150 GPU for notebooks

NVIDIA announces entry-level GeForce MX150 GPU for notebooks

(Image source: NVIDIA)

NVIDIA has just announced its new entry-level GeForce MX150 GPU for notebooks.

The new GeForce MX150 is based on NVIDIA’s Pascal GPU architecture and is the successor to the GeForce 940MX.

Therefore, the GeForce MX150 is a discrete GPU that aims to provide slightly more graphics performance than your standard integrated GPU.

NVIDIA hasn’t released official specifications of the GeForce MX150, but based on past releases, NVIDIA will likely allow OEMs to specify certain parameters like clockspeeds to meet their performance and TDP requirements.

NVIDIA will only confirm that the GeForce MX150 will use GDDR5 memory and that users can expect performance that is around 33% better than the GeForce 940MX.

Against integrated GPUs from Intel, NVIDIA says the GeForce MX150 is around 350% faster than an Intel HD620 integrated GPU and 400% faster than the Intel HD520 integrated GPU.

Expect to see new notebooks equipped with the GeForce MX150 over the next few days as Computex 2017 gets underway.

Source: NVIDIA

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