Vizio E50x-E1 4K TV review with HDR warning

Vizio are an extremely popular TV brand  in the US. I t is going to be evident this month when consumers flock to find the best Vizio 4K TV prices during ‘Cyber Monday 2016’,    and this is the event in which retailers will offer heavily discounted products, which are only available online rather than in-store.

The new Vizio 50″ E50x-E1 4K TV,  comes with a free harmony remote could be sold by retailers such as Dell, although we do have to give you an instant warning about it.

vizio e50x e1 4k tv review

Many consumers buy 4K TVs believing that they have instant support with HDR and in-turn the new PS4 Pro and Xbox One S game consoles which use this new picture technology.

However, we can confirm that the Vizio E50x-E1 does not come with HDR and as a result will not have any added effect on the new consoles.

Furthermore, this TV comes with 4 HDMI ports but they are not HDMI 2.0a compliant but rather HDMI 2.0 and 1.4 on the secondary ports.

vizio 50 inch 4k tv cyber monday

As a result you may want to consider a different model if you are specifically looking for HDR support. Vizio’s P range supports HDR or High Dynamic Range, but obviously the prices are a lot more expensive than the typical $600-700 that you would pay for the 50-inch E50x-E1.

We’ve got a glance of the full Vizio E50x-E1 tech specs below for you to see what this model offers for those that are not concerned about HDR.

vizio e50x e1 4k tv review

It is still a very capable 4K TV, but we just thought you should be aware of this oversight in case you spot a similar priced model but one which comes with HDR functionality which will will make picture quality twice as good.

This brand new model has not gone on sale yet, so the Vizio E50x-E1 reviews online are lacking – the E50x-E1 is also completely missing from Vizio’s official website so consumers can’t even get support for it at the time of writing.

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