Westinghouse 32-inch WD32HD1390 LED HDTV reviews

Though Westinghouse is not one of your large TV makers and are unable to compete with the likes of Samsung when it comes to image and sound quality, you will see an abundance of deals for Westinghouse TVs, such as the 32-inch WD32HD1390 LED HDTV.

westinghouse 32 inch wd32hd1390 specs

Seeing as though there are several Westinghouse 32″ LED HDTV models, although many of them are getting on a bit now, and we cannot see someone going for one that is 4 years old – although stranger things have happened each November.

Although we very much doubt you expect them to, the 32-inch WD32HD1390 television specs will not blow you away. In terms of its main features, you get a 31.5-inch screen, which we feel is ideal as a second TV in your bedroom, and offers 720p resolution, and so not the full 1080p.

In terms of sound you have 2x 6 watt speakers, which is not ideal, but as we said, ideal as a secondary TV. The Westinghouse 32-inch WD32HD1390 LED HDTV price can vary, although you might be lucky enough t pay as little as $80.

Believe it or not this has been given 4.4 out of 5 stars, although most of those stars have been made up because of its lows pricing.


westinghouse 32 inch wd32hd1390 reviews

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