Thermaltake’s Level 20 concept casing reinvents liquid-cooled gaming chassis

Thermaltake’s Level 20 concept casing reinvents liquid-cooled gaming chassis

Thermaltake President and CEO, Kenny Lin, unveiled the new Level 20 concept casing at their press conference.

At today’s Computex 2017 expo opening, Thermaltake unveiled an update to its iconic Level 10 chassis – the case that reimagined how casings can look and function.

The new Level 20 casing inherits the “individual chamber design” of the Level 10 casing that partitioned various components of the system internally and translated to the casing’s visual design language. This time, the aluminum build Thermaltake Level 20 targets gamers who demand a high performance casing that’s both luxurious and aesthetically pleasing in style.

With a roomy interior, the casing will be easy to use during installation phase and can accommodate powerful cooling systems and high-end gaming hardware. Not many details have been shared at this point of time, but according to Thermaltake, the internal structure is optimized for space management by separating the cooling loop, while the PSU and hard drives are held within separate chambers.

The Level 20 is a designed to reveal as much of its interior for maximum visual pleasure even in normal operation and as such it has 5mm thick tempered glass on 3 sides of the casing! Fashionable? With the right components and cable management, certainly!

No word yet on its availability or pricing as it’s still a concept design case for the moment.

Source: Thermaltake

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