Having fun with the LG G6’s dual cameras

Having fun with the LG G6’s dual cameras

The new LG G6 comes with dual 13MP rear cameras, one is a 125° wide-angle lens and the other a 70° standard lens. Here’s how to get great shots with both wide-angle and standard lenses, and how to avoid some common mistakes.

1) Tell a story with subject and place

Wide-angle lenses let you get much more in the frame, so you can get your subject and your environment together in the photo to tell a story. Place your subject in the foreground, as whatever’s closest to a wide-angle lens will appear the most dramatic. For a more dynamic photo, have your subject do something instead of just look straight at the camera.

2) Get close

Wide-angle lenses are great for capturing wide landscapes, but that’s not all they’re good for. They’re also really good at bringing you into the action; wide-angle photos that are shot close to the subject draw you in and make you feel like you’re part of the action. To paraphrase a legendary photographer, if your photos aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.

3) Watch the edges

Because wide-angle lenses get so much in a frame, you have to be careful not to let distractions sneak in. Anything that’s a distraction only pulls viewers away from your main subject, so watch the edges of your photos to see what you can leave out.

4) Tilt for drama

Wide-angle lenses exaggerate angles by distorting lines in the frame, and you can make use of this by either tilting the camera up or down. To make your shot even more dramatic, stand from somewhere higher and shoot down, or kneel down and shoot up.

5) Stay level for straight lines

If you want to minimize dramatic distortions when using the wide-angle — like when you’re photographing a friend and don’t want her nose to appear huge — keep your camera parallel to the ground. This will minimize distortion and keep lines straight. Or simply switch over to the other camera on the G6!

6) Use the standard zoom for beautiful portraits

Wide-angle lenses dramatize angles, while standard-angle lenses flatten them and make photos appear more true to life. This makes standard-angle lenses great for flattering portraits, so switch over to the standard lens for shooting people.

7) Zoom in without walking in

A key advantage of having dual cameras is how you have double the creative freedom when shooting photos and videos. A wide-angle lens lets you capture more of the scene when you can’t stand further away, like in a small space, and a standard lens lets you zoom closer in when you can’t get any nearer. Choose whichever is more appropriate, or just tap between the two to try out different angles.


See more with the LG G6

The LG G6 packs a 5.7-inch display in a sleek phone, resulting in an 80% body to screen ratio, which makes it almost entirely screen. That makes it easy to frame before you take them, and a luxury to view your images after they’re shot.

Unlike larger phones with a similar screen size, the G6 fits comfortably in your hand, letting you compose and shoot easily with one or two hands. The G6’s 18:9 FullVision display with elegantly rounded corners and narrow bezels also comes with Dolby Vision and Quad HD+ resolution, which shows you more vibrant colors and detailed images on the screen.

The smartphone is also IP68 rated, which means it’s dust and water resistant up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes, which means you can bring it with you to the pool or beach for some fun shots. Plus, the LG G6 comes with an additional 12 months warranty for unparalled support.

To find out more about the LG G6, go to http://www.lg.com/sg/mobile-phones/lg-G6

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