Beats launches new wired and wireless headphones

Beats launches two new headphones. They are the wired Beats EP on-ears, and the wireless Beats Solo3 Wireless. Both headphones are available, at a price of S$138 and S$398 respectively.


Beats EP

beats ep white side

The Beats EP is a wired on-ear headphone built for mobile listening. It comes with a lightweight frame and adjustable sliders for comfort and portability, and it’s reinforced by stainless steel for durability and everyday use. Since it uses no battery for its wired connection, the Beats EP is designed to be fuss-free. Convenience comes in the form of its RemoteTalk cable, which is your traditional call and playback control options that sit along the wired audio cable of the headphones.


Beats Solo3 Wireless

solo 3 wireless gloss black

The wireless Beats headphone is the non-tangly alternative to mobile and portable audio. It comes with a 40-hour battery life, and Fast Fuel gives the user 3 hours of playback with a five-minute long charge – handy for taking an emergency call. Controls of the Beats Solo3 Wireless are on-ear, and the Beats headphones work with Siri, too. Like the Beats EP, it’s designed for comfort with its pivoting, cushioned ear cups.

Beats did not offer more details on their specifications, but the pricing is indicative that the headphones are set at a more accessible price point, just like the preceding models.

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