Singtel partners with DocuSign to bring secure electronic signatures to SMEs

Singtel partners with DocuSign to bring secure electronic signatures to SMEs

Singtel now offers DocuSign’s secure electronic signatures under their SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business portfolio, enabling SMEs to use cloud-based digital approvals for tracking.

With the Electronics Transaction Act (2010) coming to fruition in Singapore, e-documents and e-signatures are currently recognized as legitimate forms of approval in business dealings. The introduction of the DocuSign service app in Singtel’s myBusiness portfolio is a means for small-to-medium sized businesses to stay competitive in the scene. The cloud-based electronic trail provides a secure platform, and the ability for businesses to approve documents digitally enables convenience in the digital-based economy.

“The launch of DocuSign underscores Singtel’s commitment to developing secure, cost-effective and reliable cloud solutions for our customers. Given the increasing use of electronic transactions, the solution provides organizations with the peace of mind to approve documents digitally and keep a secure electronic trail of them wherever they are. This, in turn, allows them to operate competitively in the digital economy”, said Mr. Sandip Gupta, Vice President, Cloud Business, Group Enterprise at Singtel.

According to Singtel’s myBusiness portal, DocuSign allows the SME (small-medium enterprise) to:

  • Authenticate your documents with data encryption, making every document confidential and tamper-evident.
  • Comply with the highest and broadest set of security standards.
  • Receive real-time reports of your document, including signatures of approved documents, logs of approvals, and related recipient actions.

Through a press statement, Singtel also added that DocuSign can provide businesses a certain degree of convenience, especially for approving documents within minutes. The new SaaS also attaches a Certification of Completion seal that is admissible in court, as it captures the audit trail of the signatories’ IP addresses, time stamps, and sequence of ownership.

Singtel is an exclusive reseller of DocuSign in Singapore. SMEs who adopt this solution are eligible for tax deductions under the Productivity and Innovation Credit scheme that was kickstarted by our Big G.

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