4 reasons Samsung Pay is the better way to pay

Why use your smartphone to pay? Well, you get to slim down your wallet by carrying fewer cards, and you can’t beat the convenience of paying with something that’s almost always in your hands.

Here are the four reasons why we’d pay with a mobile phone over cards or cash, using Samsung Pay.

1. Samsung Pay is easy to use

To use Samsung Pay, simply swipe up from the bottom of the home or locked screen to launch the app and choose your preferred card. Use your fingerprint or PIN to authenticate the transaction and then tap your phone at the payment terminal to pay. Yes, it’s that easy!

See how easy it is in action:

2. Samsung Pay is safe and secure

Samsung Pay is protected by three layers of security to give you peace of mind. First, with Samsung KNOX, it constantly monitors malicious software and activities to ensure that the safety of the device is not compromised.

Samsung Pay also uses your fingerprint or PIN to authenticate when payment is made. Card details are not stored on the phone; instead, unique and encrypted tokens are used in every transaction.

 Samsung Pay

3. Samsung Pay is widely accepted

Samsung Pay is widely accepted and you can use it almost anywhere* you can tap or swipe a credit or debit card.

Samsung’s proprietary Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technology works with existing magnetic stripe card readers. Your Samsung Galaxy smartphone emits a magnetic signal that mimics the magnetic stripe on a credit card, so you’ll just need to tap it to the card reader.

Samsung Pay also works with Near Field Communications (NFC) contactless payment terminals. With both MST and NFC transactions possible, Samsung Pay works almost anywhere* you go in Singapore, whether it’s paying at restaurants, department stores, movie theaters, supermarkets or gourmet stores.

And while you can pay up to S$100 at NFC terminals, you can pay up to your card’s credit limit with MST compatible terminals.

 Samsung Pay

4. Samsung Pay is rewarding

Using Samsung Pay is a rewarding experience. You can enjoy unique rewards, like cashback, rebates or free gifts**, when you use Samsung Pay. Look out for more upcoming Samsung Pay promotions.

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