JVC LT-55UE76 55″ 4K Ultra HD review verdict from users

When you start looking for a new TV you may have opened yourself up to a large problem. The first one is the massive choice of TV models available to you, and the other is that you are presented with a number of TV deals that seem great at first, but then you find out that they are very old models.

We have been guilty of looking at some of these. Because it’s what people wanted to know,  we do have some good news about a TV model that has been proving very popular, that’s the JVC LT-55UE76 55″ 4K Ultra HD .

In fact,  it’s only a few months old, and the likes of Walmart are promoting it hard to take advantage that they are not advertising a 2-3 year old model.

People have been asking what the specs are, and we can tell you that you have a 55-inch LED LCD panel with a 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD resolution 4K x 2K, a True 16:9 aspect ratio, with a wide 169-degree vertical and 150-degree horizontal angles, as well as a built-in digital tuner, 3 HDMI inputs, although this model does lack Smart TV features.

If you are looking for a JVC LT-55UE76 55-inch review, then you really only have the one option. If you go directly on the Walmart website, which there are 61 user reviews in all, and we have to say, the customers are a bit critical of this TV, and so this is the reason for the 3.3 out of 5 stars. It does seem that while some people have an issue with the screen, and how slow it is to start up, other’s are more than happy and feel you should not expect too much from a 55-inch 4K TV that could possible as less as $299.99.

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